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TOPIC facilities

Clean room and Laboratory

- Clean room 10K (36 m2)       1 Room   
- Clean room 100K (72 m2)     1 Room   
- Laboratory                        3 Room


Printing and Material Deposition

1. Inkjet printer : DMP-2831, Fujifilm Dimatix       
2. Semi-auto screen printer : MK mini, Minami       
3. Gravure printer : Labratester, Norbert Schläfli Maschinen   
4. Flexo printer : F1-UV, IGT Testing system       
5. Spin coater : WS-650Sz-6NPP/LITE, Laurell
6. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) :  planarGROW-4E, Planar tech
7. Mask aligner : MJB4, SUSS MicroTech    
8. Plasma system : Pico, Diener electronic


Material & Surface Characterization

1. Viscometer : DV2T, Brookfiel       
2. Tensiometer : K6, Kurss
3. Atomic force microscopy (AFM), JPK instrument
4. Surface Profiler : DektakXT-A, Bruker
5. Centrifuge : Digicen 21 R, Ortoalresa
6. Interferometer : MSA-400, Polytec


Other equipment

1. Over-head Stirrer : EUROSTAR 20 digital, IKA®   
2. Hot plate stirrer : C-MAG HS 7, IKA®       
3. Oven : FED 400, Binder           
4. Balance : SI-234, Denver instrument           
5. Electronic dry cabinet : WEIFO®
6. CO2 Incubator, Chel Lab
7. Autoclave : Hiclave HVE-450, Hirayama   
8. Dicing saw : 7100, Advanced Dicing Technologies

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